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About Maul Mornie

Hello, my name is Maul Mornie. I am originally from Brunei but was living in the UK for more than 20 years. Before moving back to Brunei again in 2019.

I am the founder of Silat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD), a martial arts system that originates from Brunei. It has been taught openly and widely accepted around the world, attracting people of different ages, genders, and martial arts backgrounds.

We have received a lot of interest from individuals in various fields such as law enforcement, army, and federal agencies in the USA. The interest in SSBD is growing globally, and we now have new countries interested in starting their own SSBD training groups. Some individuals have been training with us for several years, and they are now starting to teach SSBD with passion.

The Cultural Side of SSBD

One of the aspects we emphasize in SSBD is the cultural side of martial arts from Brunei Darussalam. 

Just like Taekwondo from Korea or Karate from Okinawa, each martial art has its own unique benefits and cultural influence. I aim to share and introduce the culture of Bruneian martial arts through SSBD.

Our body mechanics and movement patterns are deeply rooted in our culture. The way we move is influenced by our way of life in Brunei. For example, in typical Silat systems, you often see low stances, but in SSBD, we tend to be more upright. This is because in the older days, Bruneians lived in water villages, and fights would often occur on small bridges connecting houses.

When we move in SSBD, we focus on breaking the opponent’s structure and balance. This is essential for fighting on narrow bridges. By breaking their structure, we can make them lose balance and potentially fall off the bridge. Our goal is to end the confrontation efficiently and effectively.

Another unique aspect of SSBD is our approach to ground fighting. We don’t practice ground fighting because the ground is solid, but rather because the fighting environment in Brunei often involved muddy areas. If you were to hold yourself up from the ground, your hand would sink into the muddy surface. Similarly, if you were to stand up, your feet would sink up to your ankles or knees.

Therefore, in SSBD, we always maintain three points of contact with the ground, usually by keeping our hips or butts on the ground. This allows us to have a larger surface area and prevent sinking into the muddy surface. It’s all about adapting to the environment and using the most effective techniques for the situation.


SSBD, founded by Maul Mornie, has gained worldwide recognition and interest from martial artists of various backgrounds. The focus on the cultural aspects of Bruneian martial arts sets SSBD apart from other systems. The unique body mechanics and movement patterns in SSBD are a reflection of the Brunei way of life and the need to adapt to specific fighting environments.

By sharing and introducing the culture of Bruneian martial arts, Maul Mornie aims to preserve and promote this rich heritage. SSBD continues to attract individuals who are passionate about martial arts and who appreciate the significance of cultural influences in combat systems.

How did it start

When and why did I start learning Silat? Well, it all began in my childhood, where I had the privilege of learning this ancient martial art from my grandfather and great grandfather. Silat was not just a hobby or a sport for us; it was a way of life. It was a means to learn how to defend ourselves and protect our loved ones.

The Importance of Self-defence

Silat, in its essence, is a form of basic self-defense. It equips individuals with the skills and techniques to protect themselves in dangerous situations. Whether it’s facing an attacker with a knife or encountering a threat to our family, Silat provides us with the knowledge and confidence to defend ourselves and those we care about.

Preserving Tradition in a Modern World

Silat Suffian Bela Diri, the style I practice, was originally intended solely for our family. It was never meant to be shared outside of our cultural circle. When I started teaching Silat to individuals from different backgrounds, I faced the challenge of conveying the essence and significance of each movement.

Teaching a traditional art form to those unfamiliar with the culture requires careful consideration. I aim to ensure that my students understand the historical and cultural context behind each technique. By focusing on the basics, I provide a strong foundation for them to build upon. This approach allows them to grasp the essence of Silat and appreciate its effectiveness.

While I teach the physical aspects of Silat, I also emphasize the importance of the mindset that makes the art both effective and efficient. It’s not just about fighting; it’s about understanding why and how we move the way we do. By delving into the cultural background, we gain insight into the reasons behind our techniques.

The Influence of Culture and Environment

For example, the way we move in Silat is influenced by the environment and mindset of the people in Brunei, where the art originated. Our techniques are shaped by the unique challenges we face in our daily lives. The use of knives and machetes, for instance, stems from the practicality of these tools in a hot and humid country like Brunei.

By learning how to defend against the weapons commonly used in our culture, we develop a deeper understanding of the art and its application in real-life situations. Silat is not just about physical movements; it’s about adapting to our surroundings and using our resources effectively.

In conclusion, my journey in learning and teaching Silat has been rooted in preserving tradition, imparting the knowledge passed down through generations, and helping others understand the cultural significance of this martial art. Silat is not just a means of self-defense; it’s a reflection of our heritage and a way to connect with our roots.

The Attitude of People Attending SSBD Events

When it comes to Silat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD) seminars and training sessions, we tend to attract a lot of people with a positive attitude. These events bring together individuals who are truly passionate about what they do. Some attendees have no experience at all, and also those experienced in MMA fighting, while others have been practicing martial arts for over 30 years. There are also those who have trained in traditional Japanese martial arts. Regardless of their background, when people come to SSBD events, they leave their egos at the door and embrace the opportunity to mix and mingle with others.

At SSBD seminars, we strive to create an environment where participants can learn high-quality martial arts while also connecting with individuals from different races, religions, and genders. We encourage a friendly and lighthearted atmosphere, where jokes and camaraderie are common. It’s truly a great experience for everyone involved.

Some may perceive SSBD as a violent martial art, especially if they have only seen videos online. However, when people attend our seminars, they quickly realize that our focus is on teaching martial culture and self-defense techniques. We have no excuse for the violence inherent in martial arts; it is simply a reality when the aim is to protect oneself and loved ones from harm. Our goal is to teach individuals how to control violence and end confrontations as quickly as possible.

When attending SSBD seminars, participants have the opportunity to meet and train with people from various martial arts backgrounds. We welcome all individuals practicing any martial art. The beauty of these events is that people from different disciplines come together, form friendships, and share their knowledge and experiences.

We prefer that participants approach training with a smile and an open mind. It may sound cliché, but having an open mind is crucial to benefit fully from martial arts seminars and to connect with new teachers and fellow practitioners.

We want to create an environment where individuals can learn and practice martial arts without ego and negativity. Our goal is to foster a sense of camaraderie and respect among participants, regardless of their skill level or background. We encourage attendees to have fun, enjoy the experience, and embrace the opportunity to learn from one another.

So, whether you are an experienced martial artist or a beginner, we welcome you to join us at an SSBD event. Come with a positive attitude, an open mind, and a willingness to connect with a diverse community of passionate individuals. Together, we can grow and learn, leaving ego and negativity behind.